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Laboratory Equipment
Table Top
  • Table Top High Speed Sterilizers are ideal for all applications requiring rapid, reliable and total destruction of all living microorganisms
  • Ideal for Ophthalmic Surgeons Dental Surgeons, Surgical Doctors, Polyclinics and Hospitals
  • Whole process including water filling, sterilizing, exhaust of water & steam and drying are fully automatic
  • Requires a sterilizing time of just 7 minutes at 134°C
    (instead of 20 minutes at 121°C)
  • Ideal for instruments
  • Results reoroducible because full cycle is automatic requiring no human intervention
  • Can be used as drier also
  • Internal cnamber, false boron trays and reservoir made of stainless steel
  • Door of cast aluminum duly soray finished in heat resisting paint with external M S channel reinforcement for single lever locking
  • External Body fabricated from SS and Powder Coated MS
  • ASIC based µP Controller with following parameters programmable by user
    Sterilizing Time up to 99 minutes
    Sterilizing Temperature up tp 134°C
    Drying time up to 99 minutes
  • A backlit Alphanumeric two line 32 character LCD display, displays all information including process and set values at a glance eliminating guesswork
  • Pt100 Sensor for precise monitoring
  • Door open alarm
  • Sensor open / short alarms
  • End cycie buzzer and auto reset
  • Solenoic Valves for water filing exhaust
  • Industrial Grade energy efficient heater