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Medical Equipment

These Blood Bank Refrigerators are designed to meet all modern requirements for conserving whole blood and other specific products used in medicine such as Vaccines, Reagents, Cultures. Processing and storing of blood and other product demand extra protection and care.

These Blood Bank Refrigerators incorporate centrifugal forced draft system for maintaining the inside temperature at constant digitally displayed 4° C with temperature variation within ±1°C.
Constructed of double walls, the exterior is made of sheet steel. The gasket

keeps the door sealed against warm air & moisture. These Refrigerators having stainless steel interior are provided with a number of compartments having transparent plexiglass doors. The unit is fitted with castor wheels for ease of mobility. Internal cabinet lighting is provided by lamp which is illuminated whenever the door is opened. The Refrigerators are provided with acrylic trays for proper storage of blood bags.