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Medical Equipment
Pulse Oximeter
  • Dependable, durable, compact
  • Ideally suitable for Operation Theatres, ICU, NICU, OPD, Emergency Rooms or during Emergency Transport
  • The Pulse Oximeter incorporates Large Bright LEDs for excellent visibility with advanced motion artefacts rejection technology enabling reliable and accurate reading of SpO2 and pulse rate
Hand Held Pulse Oximeter
  • Handheld Oximeter with High / Low / Sensor alarms
  • User selectable High/Low alarm limits
  • A pulse beep is sounded for every detected pulse with tone varying according to SpO2 value
  • Low battery indication on 10th segment of bargraph
  • Wide range of Sensors available with most of the sensors having 3 metre long cable
  • An elight segment LED bargraph indicates pulse strength