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Medical Equipment
Oil Immersed High Vaccum Suction Machines
  • With high vaccum suction creating vaccum instantly
  • Designed to run continuously for many hours
  • Made of stainless steel having castors
  • Crompton motor working on 230 VAC
Portable Suction Apparatus
  • This unit having stainless steel base fitted with 1/4 H.P.Crompton Motor
  • Having double bottle with vaccum gauge, precision regulator, oil filter, air filter
  • This unit creates 26" of Hg vaccum working on 220 VAC supply
Slow Suction Apparatus
  • This unit is continuously working type recommended for paediatric and post operative use creates vaccum of 20" of Hg
  • Made of stainless steel body having minimotor inside
  • This is very light and portable type consumes only 80 W power working on 220 VAC